Tom Duarte

Tommy Duarte - North Shore Acappella

A native of Tiverton, RI, Tom was born in July 1953. He was introduced to acapella when he was 21 after years of constant coaxing by his two uncles Enoch and Joshua Duarte. He joined the New Bedford, MA, Chapter Harpoon Harmonizers Barbershop Chorus. Tom greatly credits his two uncles for being the driving force that got him started.

Tom relocated his singing career joining Providence, RI Chapter Narragansett Bay Chorus. There he formed a quartet called Uptown Express with his brother Paul, and friends Don Morin, and Carl Becker. Their quartet became Regional Novice Champs while competing for the first time.

In 1983, Tom was introduced to the members of North Shore. In ‘86 he was asked to audition for the position of bass vocal with the group. This position was vacated by Bobby Crowley who started with the group in 1979. Tom joined and he stayed for the next nine years. Tom left the group in 1995 to raise his sons, Thomas and Mason, returning the reigns to the original North Shore bass man, Bobby Crowley.

In 2004, Tom stepped in for Bobby during the Christmas season, giving Bobby some quality time with his family. Unfortunately he fought and lost a battle with mesothelioma.  Tom then returned to acappella and North Shore full-time once again. "Now I'm in, and I can't get out!"

Tom resides in Tiverton, RI, with his wife Julia, son Max, and stepchildren Jamie and Ben.  Tom is a woodturner by trade since 1981 and owns his own woodturning business Custom Woodturning.

"Life is full, and I intend to keep it that way" - Tommy Duarte